Length: 5kms

Riding time - about 1 hour (hiking time - about 2 hours)

You pass the lower Gondola station and take the road toward the summit. This valley road was built before the II World War. It is an access road to the hostel, also used by mountain rescue teams and foresters.

Start from the lower Gondola station and follow the road straight ahead. Riding 500 m up the road you go by a potable water intake for Krynica. After another 400 m you can see the ski run No. 5 on your right.

Approximately 1000 m further you come upon a junction. Take the steep route up the hill and ride for another 1000 m until you pass a road turning right. After another 700 m you join a slope road and turn right. There is only 1000 m left to the hostel. From the hostel it only takes a short 300-metre ride to cross the ski run No. 1.  Here you can admire the already visible summit of Jaworzyna Krynicka.



•          Length: 5,5 kms

•          Riding time - about 1 hour (hiking time - about 2 hrs 15)

The path begins some 700 m before the lower Gondola station. First take a road crossing the Izwór clearing (ski slopes Nos. II, IV, and IVa) along with the red hiking trail. After some 800 m turn right and down the slope. The road takes you through a lovely coniferous forest and crosses the ski run No. 1. Then it takes you up right under the Gondola line. Soon you will notice marks of the green hiking trail and a remarkable old growth beech forest on the left. You will also spot magnificent old trees nested among massive sandstone and fields of perennial honesty, a plant characteristically growing in this area. It is a nature monument called “Las pod Jaworzyną” (Forest below Jaworzyna). The road takes you further up and follows the ski run No. 5. After riding for another 1300 m you will join the bike path No. 1 described above. From this junction you only have about 700 m to the hostel and then another 800 m to the summit of Jaworzyna Krynicka.

If you want to make it easier, take the bikes up to the summit of Jaworzyna Krynicka (1114 m.a.s.l.) by the Gondola lift and ride it downhill. Please, do remember to wear a protective helmet.


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